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Gas power plant

Union Carbide Seadrift Cogen

gas Power Plant
Calhoun County, Texas
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Power Plant Data Source: EPA, Jan 2021

Quick Stats

168 Megawatts
Annual Net Generation
737,528 MWh (Megawatt Hours)

Context: That's equivalent to the annual power demand of 67,048 American homes (11 MWh each, source: EIA (opens in a new tab))

Annual CO2 equivalent emissions
302,672 metric tons CO2 equivalent

Context: That's equivalent to the annual emissions of about 65,798 American cars (4.6 metric tons each, source: EPA (opens in a new tab))

Detailed Emissions

Annual CO2 emissions
302,359.793 metrics tons CO2
Annual SO2 (Sulfer Dioxide) emissions
7.063 tons
Annual NOx (Nitrogen Oxide) emissions
757.691 tons
Annual N2O (Nitrous Oxide) emissions
1,140.348 lbs
Annual CH4 (Methane) emissions
11,405.673 lbs