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Ready to do your part?

The best way to decarbonize  your state is to electrify it, and there are a few big ways you can do your part.

Are you a homeowner? You can personally electrify your machines

Are you a renter? Check out our suggestions for renters

And whether you're a homeowner or a renter, the biggest impact is getting political! Policy can impact purchasing decisions for companies, help electrify government buildings, provide incentives and subsidies for homeowners, and a whole lot more.

Get Personal & Electrify Your Machines

For most Americans, more than half your carbon footprint comes from how you heat and power your home and from the car you drive. More than cutting out meat or single use plastics, the most impactful thing you can do – by far – is to eliminate your personal burning of fossil fuels.

  1. Replace your gas appliances with electric, including:
    • Replacing your gas heating system with a heat pump .
    • Replacing your gas stove with an electric induction stove .
    • Replacing your gas water heater with an electric one.
  2. If you drive, make your next car electric or switch to an e-bike and public transit.
  3. Switch to renewable power by installing your own solar panels (opens in a new tab) or enrolling in community solar (opens in a new tab) or switching to another renewable energy supplier.

40% of US climate pollution comes from decisions made around the kitchen table. We can’t solve climate change if you don’t electrify your home – and nobody can do it but you.

Check out Rewiring America's free guide, Electrify Everything in Your Home (opens in a new tab), for steps on how to get started.

Congress Passed The IRA Making All Of These Cheaper!

With the passing of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), there are now new tax credits available for the electrification of household appliances, with up-front rebates for low and middle income households coming soon!

Potential Electrification Tax Credits (Rewiring America, 2022)
ItemMax. Tax Credit
New or Used Electric Car$7,500 new / $4,000 used
Electric Car Charger$1,000
Heat Pump Air Conditioner/Heater$2,000
Rooftop Solar30%
Battery Storage Installation30%
Electrical Panel Upgrade (to prepare for an all-electric home)$600
Weatherization (insulation, air sealing, and ventilation)$1,200
Heat Pump Water Heater$2,000

See how much money will you get with the Inflation Reduction Act with the Rewiring America Inflation Reduction Act Calculator!

Find Out How Much You Can Save With Rewiring America (opens in a new tab)

Switch Your Power Supplier & Talk To Your Landlord

In terms of personal actions, renters have a lot less direct control of their polluting machines, but there's still some things you can do.

  1. If you drive, make your next car electric or switch to an e-bike and public transit.
  2. Switch your electricity supply to renewables by enrolling in community solar (opens in a new tab) or switching to another renewable energy supplier.
  3. Stop cooking with gas by getting a portable induction cooktop (opens in a new tab), which plugs into a regular outlet and cooks great for under $100!
  4. Talk to your landlord about electrifying - Especially if your old gas stove or dryer isn't working well, you have an opportunity to talk to your landlord about getting electric replacements! It might be helpful to mention that electric appliances will improve your air quality, reduce your landlord's gas bill, and make an apartment more attractive to future tenants.
  5. Talk to homeowners you know about electrifying - Whether it's family, friends, or coworkers, talk about electrification! A lot of folks don't know about the benefits of electrification (including air quality and saving money on their energy bills) or haven't heard about technologies like heat pumps  or electric induction stoves .

Get Political & Electrify The Rest!

Discouraged by the inaction at the federal level? We can still win: 50-75% of the policies we need to get to zero are actually state and local. And we’re starting to win them!

By all means, electrify your own machines. To electrify the rest, support the candidates and issue campaigns already fighting to decarbonize your state.

Elect Climate Candidates

Climate Cabinet

You can take meaningful action right now by donating to Climate Cabinet, a political action group that helps climate champions run for local office and pass critical legislation. They score candidates based on their climate credentials and provide information to candidates on their Climate Cabinet Scorecard (opens in a new tab).

Climate Cabinet also creates a curated "Climate Slate", of climate friendly candidates in local races - and you can donate to support all of them!

Donate to the Climate Slate by Climate Cabinet (opens in a new tab)

Pressure Electeds to Pass Climate Policy

It’s not enough to elect better candidates - we also have to pressure existing electeds to pass key climate policy now. Campaigns to do this already exist in your state – the highest impact thing you can do is join them!

You can also contact your elected leaders to pressure them to take action.

Find Your Representatives & Contact Them About Climate (opens in a new tab)